Conference Program

Friday afternoon

126 Voorhies Hall

2:00: Opening remarks by Ralph Hexter (UC Davis) and Marc Schachter (Durham)

2:15-3:45: Schooling Commentaries

Moderator: Craig Williams, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  1. Tina Chronopoulos (SUNY-Binghamton), “Ganymede in the Twelfth-century Classroom: Two Odes by Horace”
  2. Emily Blakelock (University of Toronto), “Glossing the Gap: Interpreting Juvenal in the Twelfth-century Classroom”
  3. Marc Schachter (Durham), “The Print Revolution and Lesbian Philology in Rome Circa 1474”

3:45-4:15: Coffee

4:15-5:15: Sex in China

Moderator: Yuming He, UC Davis

  1. Xiaoqiao Ling (Arizona State University), “The Productive Body of Debauchery: Reading Staged in Retrieved History of Hailing
  2. Norman Kutcher (Syracuse University), “‘An Incident in Liu Bang’s Bedroom”

5:30-6:45: Keynote by Todd Reeser (University of Pittsburgh)

“Setting Plato Straight: Translating Ancient Sexuality in the Renaissance”

6:45-7:45: Reception, Voorhies Courtyard

8:00: Optional Concert, “Rising Stars of Opera,” Mondavi Center

(Tickets will be provided to conference speakers and moderators)


Saturday morning

8:30-9:00: Coffee and pastries

9:00-10:30: Commenting on the Sacred

Moderator: Catherine Chin, UC Davis

  1. Luciano Pinto (Unifesp, Brazil), “In the Margins of Sodom and Gomorrah: Jerome and Augustine about Genesis 19”
  2. Kiyokazu Okita (Kyoto University), “Negotiating God’s Sexuality in Early Modern South Asia: The Bhāgavata Purāṇa Book X and its Commentarial Tradition”
  3. Albrecht Diem (Syracuse University), “No Fuss about Sex? Sodomy, Purity and the Restrained body in Hildemar’s Commentary to the Rule of Benedict”

10:30-11:00: Coffee

11:00-12:30: The Sexual Politics of the Gendered Body

Moderator: Noah Guynn, UC Davis

  1. Eleanor Marsh (San Jose State University), “Notes on a Female Issue: (Pre-)texts and Commentary on Menstruation in Early Modern Spain”
  2. David Jacobson (Loyola University Maryland), “Chest Hair and the Margins”
  3. Patrick Finglass (Nottingham), “tegit rem inhonestam: Sophocles’ Tecmessa and Virgil’s Dido”

12:30-2:00: Lunch


Saturday afternoon

2:00-3:30: Glossing Women

Moderator: Anna Uhlig, UC Davis

  1. Viola Starnone (Scuola Normale Superiore), “No One Looks at Elissa”
  2. Chiara Meccariello (Oxford), “Tragic Women in Ancient Scholia”
  3. Marco Formisano (University of Ghent), “Perpetua and Proba: Genre and Gender”

3:30-4:00: Coffee

4:00-5:30: Sex and the More Modern Commentary

  1. Daniel Orrells (Warwick), “Erotic Latin Poetry, Nineteenth-Century Commentary and the Authority of Sexology”
  2. Craig Williams (UIUC), “Demptis obscenis: Commentaries on Martial’s Epigrams from the Seventeenth Century to the Present”
  3. Floris Verhaart (Oxford), “The Widower, the Maid and the Novelist: Pieter Burman’s Edition of Petronius’ Satyrica and its Reception”

6:00-7:15: Keynote by Jennifer Ingleheart (Durham)

“The Commentator as ‘Erotomaniac’ and the Scholarly Commentator: Two Nineteenth Century Commentaries on Catullus”

7:30-9:00: Dinner for speakers, session moderators and invited guests


Sunday morning

8:30-9:00: Coffee and pastries

9:00-10:30: Law and Philosophy

Moderator: Jan Szaif, UC Davis

  1. Lothar Willms (University of Heidelberg), “Sexuality and Intertextuality in the Stoic and Platonic traditions”
  2. Tom Parry-Jones (Cambridge), “Sex in Medieval Legal Commentaries”
  3. Erin Stiles (University of Nevada, Reno), “Sexuality, Commentary, and Interpretation in East African Islamic Courts”

10:45-12:15: Commentary Gone Wild

Moderator: Archana Venkatesan, UC Davis

  1. Noah Guynn (UC Davis), “Women on Top and Bossy Bottoms”
  2. Diana Strazdes (UC Davis), “Plaster Casts of Classical Nudes as Transmission of a Canonical Text”
  3. Leonardo Giorgetti (UC Davis), “Marginality, Gender, and Intertextual Commentary: The Griselda Story from Boccaccio to Petrarch and Christine de Pizan”

12:15-1:15: Concluding Discussion

(Lunch will be provided)